SEELE is a faction of beings, as well as a enigmatic society which strives to complete the goal, and reign across the galaxy. It was headed by the five leaders: Meredith Meridies, Megarian Manbavaran, Keel Lorenz, Sojiro Otsuka, and Zure-V75. SEELE's goal is to achieve victory by completing NERV's goals, merging humanity into one being, and brought the great impact all around Earth.



Little known about SEELE, which was incepted by the Dead Sea Scrolls, the aspects and traces of the mysterious faction remained a mystery before the formation of NERV. Keel Lorenz was originally active wealthy man watches in the skies of the Earth. By then he met Gendo Ikari watching the project of Evangelion, after the end of the Second Impact. Keel Lorenz is overconfident, then afterwards he left from the Project E. Keel Lorenz's most body parts had replaced by Cybernetic Visors, and the few implants, now he welcomed several directors oversee the goals of NERV, under United Nations control.

Keel had introduced to those they've brought, declaring a science fictional territory all over deep space. Meredith Meridies, the supreme commander, and mother of Croix Meridies had established SEELE's new and grand plans. By the time afterwards, SEELE has comprise all twenty-five council members as opposed to have twelve in Neon Genesis Evangelion, and seven in Rebuild of Evangelion movies. The inner circle of this faction is the Human Instrumentality Committee, to have all five of men, while the dark council to have nineteen men, and six women and also comprise the big hexagonal table, and was headquartered in Maliferous.

By the time before the war between Evangelion armies and Angels, SEELE chairman Keel Lorenz launched an all out attack, and reconcile the Earth. The battle has just the beginning as Gendo Ikari watches his son, Shinji Ikari fighting against enemy forces in Tokyo-3, the consequences can be even more profound. Sometime after the great war was over, Gendo had failed Keel, in which one of the members of the council concerned not to punish him. In at moment, the battle for Tokyo-3 will continue, Keel spoke to Gendo remembering not to "failed me" for permanent reason.

Fourty-Five days before the Second Assault on Tokyo-3, Keel Lorenz and the members of his council to accomplish a plan to create Kaworu Nagisa. The SEELE council will start a new plan to initialize the upcoming Third Impact, furthermore, Keel reply to one of the members that the upcoming event shall be lifted.