Template:VehiclesThe Martian Scouting Machine is a fast and attack fighting-machine which armed with light Heat-ray, and disintegration barrage. It is capable to destroy any human defense base, and armaments over the battlefield. Scouting-machines are swift transports nearly rivaling at All Terrain Attack Pods, and All Terrain Defense Pods.


The Scouting-machine is a small tripodal walker which can destroy Human armed forces. This walker is made approximately over 50 feet tall, as well as only three legs, and the heat-ray equipped proboscis in a cupola, rather than a lethal projector which holded by Fighting-machine's arm, just like the Fighting-machine design in Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds. The head of the Scouting-machine has only purple eyes, and inside view of the Martian operator, as the interior can see the sight in participation of the battle. Scouting-machines' feet is V-shaped, whilst the Fighting Machines' feet is Y-shaped.


The Martian Scouting Machines were first deployed by the Martian army to defeat any Human resistance centers and armistice bases. They are participating in battle during the war against the Human forces, while the Journalist, and the Artilleryman made their way to escape from the Martian hordes. Scouting-machines which made the major engagement against Ironclads, as well as Observer Balloons, and Tanks.

Scouting-machines participate in the Celestial Federation-Dark Universal Wars, in which they attacked the Clone Troopers, and Jedi Knights. Outside the Clone Wars, Scouting-machines that made oppositions over Hogwarts, as well as London, Swamps, and several locations all over the galaxy. Essentially, Scouting-machines approach from the giant Martian Tactical Carriers from the sky, and aided with commanders, like Maleficent, Maximillian Skywalker, and Nute Gunray.

As the Republic reformatted into the Galactic Empire, Scouting-machines continue to exterminate Human forces, later Rebel Alliance forces. Martian Scouting Machines can participate the second attack on Neo-Tokyo, Mos Eisley, Alderaan, Cybertron, and lastly, Hanamura. An Electrokinetic-Weapon equipped Scouting-machine can only used during the Battle of D'Qar, and Second Battle of Ilios, as well as Halloween Warfare's first battle, Attack on Bright Tree Village. Second is a Black-colored Scouting-machine only with green eyes by the Cemetery Wind which fought during Attack on Winterfell, and Battle of Blytonbury with the aids of Shamshel, and Sahaquiel.

After Kaworu Nagisa betrays SEELE, at the end the Second Battle of Pelennor Fields, Scouting-machines returned in battle against the Artilleryman's British navy to be eliminated one-by-one. One of the final battles is First Battle of Los Angeles which Maleficent in her true form of a Harvester Queen, The Martian Scouting Machines went into major destruction, and sufficiently disassembled and decommissioned at the end of the Second Battle of Manhattan.